Our Team

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Thomas W. Carey
Thomas W. CareyAttorney
Janette Bejlkova-Carey
Janette Bejlkova-CareyPresident
Robert A. Shuttera
Robert A. ShutteraAttorney
Cynthia E. Richards
Cynthia E. RichardsAttorney
Karen Theriault
Karen TheriaultIntake Manager
Lori A. Reidy
Lori A. ReidyIntake Specialist
Patricia McManus
Patricia McManusIntake Specialist
Kathleen Smith
Kathleen SmithIntake Specialist
Sid Todsen
Sid TodsenIntake Specialist
Mina Boutsomsi
Mina BoutsomsiIntake Specialist
James Kearsley
James KearsleyCLF Accountant
JenniferIntake Specialist
RockyHead of Security
VendyDirector of Quality Assurance