Janette Bejlkova-Carey


Janette Bejlkova-Carey is a Co-Founder and President of Client Legal Funding and Co-Founder of CSC Enterprises. Ms. Bejlkova-Carey received her B.A. degree in Economics from the University of South Florida on a full athletic scholarship and her M.S. degree in Business Entrepreneurship from University of South Florida.

Before her Business career, Janette was a professional tennis player for four years, participating on the world circuit, until the age of twenty. At the University of South Florida, she was the number one player on the team, and was undefeated in the Big East (Division One).  Starting the University program at age 20, she finished her B.A. degree and her M.S. degree, in five years.

During the last year of her Master’s program, she was a Co-Founder of Client Legal Funding till present and two years later started CSC Enterprise. She is proficient in reading and writing in German, Czech and English and conversant in French and Russian language.

She was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year (2014) under the auspices of the Tampa Bay Business Journal (under age 30).


University of South Florida, Tampa, FL: Bachelor of Economics, December, 2010. Enrolled in MS of Entrepreneurship / Leadership in applied Technologies, University of South Florida, May 2012.