Dear Janette: I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic help you provided to us and our client over the last several months. As a result of her injuries in the automobile collision she was not able to work for the last year. She was a single mother living in an apartment. Her FMLA and short term disability benefits expired. She was too young to receive Social Security Disability Benefits and she had no other income or source of revenue whatsoever. Without the continuing funding by Client Legal Funding, this client would have been forced to settle her case for a much lower value than she deserved. Because of your funding assistance, we were able to continue our litigation up until the eve of the trial achieving a settlement of $1,062,250.00. This could never have been accomplished without your assistance. We know client funding is often misunderstood by lawyers, clients and juries. However, you play a vital role in our litigation practices and we sincerely appreciate Client Legal Funding being there when we needed you. Next time we have a client in a difficult position we will certainly contact Client Legal Funding as we know all will be fair, straightforward and transparent in your assistance. Thanks a million! Respectfully,